I understand that many organisations may not have the budget to employ my expertise and services in full on a project. For that reason I offer a coaching service to help ensure that all charities, social enterprises, and NGOs across the UK are able to make the most of digital opportunities.

What does coaching look like?

My coaching offer, although fairly adaptable to your needs generally supports you through the steps you need to take to discover and define the needs of your project, direction through best practice approaches, and fortnightly sessions with activities and feedback to help keep your project on track.

Bobi running an online coaching session in June 2020.

An example of a typical coaching project

Most coaching projects include all or a selection of the below, other sessions are devised to better suit the needs of the team. It’s best to begin things with a conversation with you and your team to understand your needs and ambitions. From there I will propose a bespoke group of sessions to fit your need.

  • Risk mapping – It is important to fully identify all the potential risks for this project and build steps to mitigate against them.
  • Discovery – helping you truly understand the problem you’re trying to solve before you explore the solutions on offer.
  • Iteration and design thinking – two very practical and popular methods to digital projects that when fully understood and put in place can work to your advantage.
  • Interview techniques – focused on personal bias and looking at how conversations with users can be adapted to reduce their impact.
  • Building tests for our assumptions – often conversations (or interviews) with users can give valuable insights for our projects. In some instances, we must test our assumptions in other ways. This can sometimes be through developing an early registration form for a product to gauge interest, in other cases it may be the creation of a lighter version of the offer.
  • Accessibility and inclusion – explore ways to determine the accessibility and inclusion needs of users and work to develop a digital solution that is accessible to all.