I am a digital specialist working with charities across the UK. I help your organisation to make the most of technology, simplify your processes, and improve your digital offer, to become more focused on your beneficiaries and support income generation. 

Working mostly with charities in the UK to help improve their digital offer. From delivering practical technical improvements to developing new digital products and strategies.


Problem first I am led by the problems to solve. Sometimes these may be multiple and complex — we cannot solve all problems in one go.

Iterative and consistent As I cannot solve all problems in one go, I break problems down in to smaller more manageable chunks of work with defined outcomes.

Person led In my investigation of the problem, I understand how that shows for the person with the problem. Observing, learning, and testing how any changes and improvements (or new services) might make things better.

Repurpose, re-use, and recycle Where possible I will not invent new solutions. In the first instance I look to digital things that are already created and explore how they may be used as part of the solution.

Purposeful and practical Gone are the days (maybe they were never really here) when a large chunky document can be actioned on. The world moves too fast to spend time drafting reports and strategies that will be filed away. My work is designed to be put in to practice.



For the majority of projects, I work in 5 day or 10 day sprints. Chunks of time that I can dedicate to focus on the problem that you need to be solved. This always follows similar steps (Define, Develop, Design), but the work done in this time can vary dependent on your goals and objectives.

Define and agree the work to be done in this sprint

Design the approach to the problem

Develop a response to the problem, this could be a report, a roadmap, process flows, a tool. 

At the end of each sprint, I run a progress review with clients to decide what should happen next. Has the work to date met the overall project goals? Do we need to plan in some more time? 

By working in this way I ensure that my clients receive something of value at the end of each 10 or 5 day cycle. If necessary for the organisation, work can be scheduled as full time, part time, or stretched to a no less than 1 day a week – I leave this choice to you.


I know how difficult it can be to know where to begin on your digital journey, to help you I developed BeMoreDigital, an online learning space to help you gain the skills and the confidence you need to embrace and embed digital ways of working in your charity.