#WeekNotes Ep. 4 2020

This week feels like it never really had a beginning. It led straight from the last with almost no breathing space. So, to compensate for not having a chilled weekend, I made sure that I added in a few energising activities each day – swimming, pilates, walks with the dog. Although it’s been long, it has been fulfilling too.

Wrapping up deliverables

Monday and Tuesday were focussed on wrapping up a few deliverables for clients. I’m running a few workshop sessions over the coming weeks so I spent this time creating and improving slide decks. As well as that, I had a great call with a new potential client and another one to map out the timeline for a newly commissioned project.

The rest of the week was reserved for discovery.

Wednesday was when things shifted from the (old)norm a little. As every Wednesday evening from now on is spent at a coworking space in Soho to focus on my accelerator project, I decided to focus the whole day on it too (well most of it). Earlier in the week, I’d lined up a call to talk about the digital maturity journey and how we go from “digital is the responsibility of one person / department (probably with a communications function)” to “digital and the working behaviours that come with this are ingrained in all we do”. Thank you to Ben for his time!

Setting defined goals

Back in December, I’d had a chat with Alex about my very initial thoughts around the question of digital maturity in the charity sector. There was a brief mention, during this conversation, of a seminar that he was organising later in 2020. Well, on Wednesday I met Alex for a coffee and now, on the 7th April I will be running a session on finding meaningful insights for impact evaluations. The aim right now is to be able to take attendees through some part of a focused training journey, to test ease of use and that it delivers at the necessary knowledge level.

Testing assumptions

In the evening at the ESC accelerator we spoke about and refined our problem statements. I’ve had so many iterations of mine already this year I think I really should keep a folder on my phone just for them! After refining our problem we looked at assumptions, which are our riskiest, and how we might test to prove / disprove them.

As well as the class tasks, this week I set up some discovery interviews. At the end of my survey (still open for responses) I invited people to get more involved in the research. First calls, booked in for Wednesday next week! I can’t wait to dive a bit deeper into their survey answers.

For the rest of the week I worked on my assumptions and started to map the journey of digital maturity from basic to best (pictured below). If you see anything that’s missing so far, please drop me a line (bobi@bobirobson.digital).

That’s all for now, it has been a long week! Until next time x