#WeekNotes Ep.2 2020

Planning, calls, coffee and a Design Hop. Well that was quite a week. There’s a lot of workshops coming up over the next few months and so this week kicked off with a lot of planning and the creation of a lot of slides. I do love workshop planning, thinking about the ambition of the project and reminding myself of activities that can help get us there.

Revisiting techniques…

This week I revisited one I really do love, THINK FEEL DO, with an added twist shared by Chris McCrudden at the 2019 Curio Conference. In his session, How to be less shit without loosing your mind along the way, Chris shared the journey that needs to be taken to improve things. In his example, he was talking about brands and changing perceptions through content. Like with most workshop techniques it can be used to many ends. For this workshop I plan to use the activity to explore how a reluctant group could be encouraged to join their organisations digital journey. More on that in a few weeks.

Slide from Chris McCrudden’s talk at Curio 2019

Making connections…

Along with delving in to the depths of my favourite workshop activities, I had a lot of really great conversations this week. From re-connecting with colleagues and catching long over due coffees. To the beginnings of new relationships and opening conversations with people from across the sector that I have admired for a while. It really does feel as though things are moving forward.

After sharing my survey last week, it now has 20 responses ? Beyond my expectations for the first round of publicity. And, next week I hope that with a few more calls and coffees the survey will reach even more charities.

My first CAST Design Hop

It was really great to close off my working week with this great service design workshop from CAST. Giving space for me to think and plan out the next stages of my training project and finding out more about the way that this great event works. The Design Hop was created to help charities design more resilient services and takes you through the three main steps all of the projects should take. Discover, Develop, Define.

Taking a day to celebrate what Ben’s been up to

My husband, Ben, is an Art Historian. Both of us work from home most of the time, so have a fairly good understanding of each other’s day-to-day. This week I had the privilege of joining Ben at a thank you lunch at Charelston Trust as they closed their recent exhibition, for which Ben wrote an accompanying article.

Well, that’s all for this week. Until next time ?