#WeekNotes 9 Sept 2019

This week’s instalment will likely be shorter than usual… as this working week got off to a had a slow start, with a friends wedding on Monday and a slow return to the working routine. But when it did begin in earnest it was to start a new website project for a charity supporting people with visual impairment in the West Midlands. The project is to build new user journeys across the website to improve the experience of both funders and beneficiaries, but before any of that begins there is some foundational work to get on with… Time to set up a new trello board!

Before I begin any big user focused or structural project I always start with a website health check. This brought up many optimisation issues, from ultra large images to no real structure and a lot of different design elements used through out.

The site speed score for desktop was just 28 and for mobile was even worse, so the work began with image optimisation and some technical basics to get things back to where they should be. This is yet another example of developers not training the charity in how to maintain their website after handover and only goes further to highlight the need in smaller charities – and across the sector – for technical knowledge and digital skills.

I’m pleased to share the impact of the initial foundational improvements ? There is more work to be done and a conversation to be had with the charity about taking some time to develop custom templates and upgrading their server but I would like to take just a second to celebrate this 82% increase.

Next week – and potentially parts of this weekend will be focused on the website copy, removing duplication and working out where landing pages can be created to start to build out a structure for the site. I would usually do this work after completing some user tests based on the current set up, but, in this instance I believe a first round of mocked up changes is needed before we can move to workshoping ideas and tests.

As I said, this week is a short instalment so here’s me signing off for now ?