#WeekNotes 4 November 2019

This week work continued following last week’s audit of my digital footprint (here’s a blog of learnings). Mostly it was setting new processes up after the installation of 365, discover its full power and building a roadmap of improvements. As well as this, I had an interview to become a trustee, which seemed very fitting in Trustee Week + lots of great events.

Net Squared – Digital Trustees Meetup

Net Squared is an event that I try to get to as often as I can, unfortunately I have missed the last two, so even though I had a very early start the next day I made sure I got to this one.

These events aren’t all about what you learn. They are a great place to build your support network and find out what’s going on in the sector.

Open Charity’s #Unconference

Open Charity run regular unconferences and open events where anyone can pose a question, seek advice, lead a workshop, collaborate and share experiences in a way that fits the room.

Join the Open Charity MeetUp Group.

It wasn’t all events and networking

As I mentioned in my short intro, I had an interview for my first trustee role this week too. I have wanted to become a trustee for a number of years for a range of reasons. What are they? I now have a good grounding of working in charities. The sector is ‘home’ for me and I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else. Not only that, but now I have a good grounding of experience in my expertise – digital. It’s this expertise that I want to share with a cause that I am really passionate about. I hope that in a few weeks time I will be able to share more about the charity and the work they do ?

For a few weeks now I have been working in a project management role to support reporting processes. During this time I noticed opportunities for automation and simplification to help stop ‘busy work’. I love simplifying processes especially when the simple will have a great impact on the work of the team. What are ‘Busy Tasks’? They’re jobs that have to be done to keep things ticking but don’t really move things forward. A good example is admin – regular tasks that no-one really enjoys. The solution here was really quite simple. The organisation are already using a project management tool to help them keep on top of tasks. They wanted to send updates to their users on the progress of projects. By reviewing the way the project management tool was set up, we were able to re-jig the structure. This enabled these reports to be produced and shared in a way that their users were already used to. A win for everyone ?