#WeekNotes 29 July 2019

This week began with an application to become a trustee – something I’ve been looking to do for at least three years, and really wanted to wait to find a charity that worked in areas that I am most passionate about. I won’t say any more until I hear from them – don’t want to jinx it!

After making my application, I spent the rest of the day refining the content and user flow of my sandboxed website. As I have developed my approach over the last 7 months, I realise that the relevance to how I work and the work that I do, listed on my current site needs a little refresh and so, rather than making the content changes, I decided to start a-fresh ? not something I would ever advocate to my clients, but the platform I chose makes it so easy to build duplicate sites, I couldn’t resist the devil on my shoulder ?

On Tuesday I dove deep into a website health check and structure review, filling my wall with tasks. I love these kind of projects, slightly open until the defining done conversation. This project is especially interesting as their is a real need to balance the depth of improvements being made with a forth coming brand review – I am in constant conversation with the client to make sure that the definition of done is at a point of value for the charity now, leaving enough open for the results of the brand review and refresh.

I had to be in London on Wednesday for a presentation and took full advantage, heading for a morning’s work at the British Library in their Business and IP centre, I love working from here, it’s so inviting of focus. The presnetation was on finding following a Social Media Audit for a children’s charity. I am always nervous before such presentations, mainly because there is always one team that is requesting content be posted on every channel the charity has, and informing them that this is not the best idea doesn’t alsways go down well.

So, I brought some biscuits to help sweeten the mood ?