#WeekNotes 28 Oct 2019

This week was focused on consolidating my own online portfolio. My old domain was set up a fair few years ago before I knew what I know now. I decided that this week was the time to consolidate my online portfolio to one place. Hosting everything through one provider and making the most of some pretty good discounts that this would offer.

Step 1

Changing the domain name. For years I have not been completely happy with the old domain of bobirobson.net. I ended up with this domain mainly because when I started working freelance focussing on social media, I didn’t know how to transfer a website to a new domain and had an old website on my then preferred domain of bobirobson.co.uk. We all live and learn!

This time, I decided to go for a .digital domain (the one that you’re reading this post on) and set up new email address too. Which leads me to step 2…

Step 2

Getting a more personalised email address. For this I need to try to look back again at how I was thinking back in 2015 when all this kind of began… At the time I felt that having an email address like bobi@bobirobson would look weird. So in my na├»ve wisdom, I decided to opt for an info@ address. Well, I’m pleased to say that I’ve now got over what ever issue I had with a named email account and now have a personal email address ? and when I went to set this up I took full advantage of a discounted 365 for business package that will then allow me to use tools like flow to help automate my own processes a little bit.

Step 3

Finding where everything was hosted. Well, like I said, back in 2015 I didn’t know what I know now, and if I did, I hope I would have set everything up in the neat ‘no lose end’ way that I will be enjoyed at the end of this! But what did I do 4 years ago? Where did I save the information (if anywhere)? What other unnecessary parts to this are out there?

The start of the hunt…

So, the old domain was set up as a .net because I didn’t know about transferring domains. The site was built on a quick website builder and as part of their paid for package one email address was bought – yes the weird info@ address discussed in step 2. In my personal email I saw an invoice from wordpress to give bobirobson.net gsuite, with a renewal due on 9 Nov. Well, you get the picture, there were a lot of lose ends to tie up.

Well as you can image, there were lots of chat bot conversations and lots of hold music… and a fair few computer says no moments I finally got to the bottom of it ???

Now that’s done I can start looking at making the most of 365 and creating some simple automated processes. Till next week ?