#WeekNotes 23 Sept

This week’s #WeekNotes will likely be a short one, not because I haven’t worked but because the work has been so repetitive and iterative.

Like last week this week saw stage 2 for the website restructure I’ve been working on. From the first pass copy review last week, where I highlighted some initially areas of focus to the removal of duplicate pages I can now begin to build up the structured wireframe.

To do this, I printed out each page on to it’s own A4 sheet – I know not great for the environment but even us digital types need to go analogue occasionally – so I could see the bigger picture, especially when there is no structure in the first instance. Rather than writing about the process, I’ve included step by step photos.

?We have a structure. Now we can get stuck in to the really fun bits.

Next week I’ll be starting work on developing two page templates to help the charity be more consistent across their site. The main aim of this project was initially to make small strategic improvements to keep the website working until next year when a full re-development, new design and structure could be completed. With the work already done on this project, the re-development may not be necessary and the charity should be able to concentrate on improving their digital portfolio to deliver a better service for their beneficiaries and donors rather than starting from scratch.