#WeekNotes 2 Sept 2019

The first Monday back after a holiday is always a little slow… when you work for yourself it can be a little tough to get back in to the rhythm of things. Because of this I always try to read some interesting and motivational books that can help to inspire me while I’m away. This time, I read Playing Big by Tara Mohr and created a short back to normality list for my return.

So, what was on the list?

  1. Follow up on potential projects that I pitched for before I went away
  2. Further develop my offer and build a secondary support service
  3. Get stuck back into the project I scoped and began at the beginning of last month
  4. Find new sources for building my network and join them
  5. Take a big step to playing bigger and pitch to write for a sector journal / blog
  6. Book into 4 workshops and events for Autumn and Winter

After drafting out and sending a few follow up emails on Monday, Tuesday saw the start of the responses. One no from a project – each ‘rejection’ is tough, but it can be even tougher when the rejection is delivered via a no-reply address ? It’s so frustrating to put all the effort into a pitch and then have no route to feedback after.

Wednesday got off to a great start ? for a few reasons… Since going freelance I’ve become a little bit of a routine fanatic, to the point that if I don’t complete my morning’s ritual I feel a little deflated for the rest of the day. I’ve been a little off the routine since coming back from holiday but, Wednesday saw things begin to slip back into place. After feeling great about getting back into the swing of things, I had my first scoping call with a client as part of list point number 2 – Further develop my offer and build a secondary support service. These calls are so important to make sure that I am building and developing new services and options that my clients actually want – everyday I focus more and more on practicing what I preach to clients ? Following the call I was asked to send across a proposal to really test the idea at director level – again here, I will practice what I preach and plan to develop a simple service that will really add value to the charities I work with.

Also on Wednesday it was the fortnightly catch up call with the Open Charity guys, planning our next unconference and beginning the search for new venues (hopeful for donations) ? so please hit me up if you know of anywhere with 2/3 spaces that we can use.

Thursday began with better news on the application front… I have been invited to interview for the trustee position that I applied for in July ?

After this great news it was straight in to prep for a call about my current project. The project was pitched as a UX review and website restructure to help support the charity’s ambitions of growth and also improve access to support for their beneficiaries. Once I began work on the project however, it was evident that there was a lot of foundational fixes that were needed. Why oh why do charities keep being given websites without the training or support to help them maintain them, even at the most basic of levels? Although this does seem to have become ‘bread and butter’ work for me, troubleshooting problems with websites for this reason, I do wish that this type of work wasn’t so much in need!

That’s all for this week folks, as tomorrow I eagerly await the arrival of a very dear friend from Vienna and prep to head to the Cotswolds for a wedding. My working week will resume on Wednesday as our friends have a lovely few days of wedding celebrations planned – oh the joys of freelance flexibility!