#WeekNotes 16 Sept 2019

This week began with a wonderful review on my new TrustPilot link ? I set up with TrustPilot because many of my clients were struggling to give reviews and testimony of my work via the review link I’d previously set up with Google on my invoices. It so important to make the review process easy, the more you have the more your trusted as a freelancer 🙂 So I was really pleased to see that after setting it up at the end of last week, clients were already making the most of the easy to use platform. If you’re interested, here’s what they had to say…

So, after that excitement it was time to get back to the website project I was telling you about this week. After the small victories made improving the site speed at the end of last week, this week I set about to create order, reduce duplication and take a first pass at the planned restructure.

I’ll be honest, as there was little to base my work – no current site structure – I had no choice but to rip up the rule book, take the usual categories; how we help, get involved etc. and work the content into them. It felt as though I was wading through a mound of papers, riping some up and tidying some away, only to reorder and tidy again an hour or so later.

Once I had ordered one section however, things started to come together and the first restructured wire frame with reviewed copy was ready by the end of Wednesday ? As usual, my love of tables, excel sheets and headings came in so very handy, for this project I also had a hand written list of everything the charity does for it’s beneficiaries and the wider community to make sure that all were included in my reorder – better to be safe than sorry!

Thursday was very much a day of meetings. The first was a catch up with a recent client to see how things have been progressing since we last worked together. It was so great to hear that since our work they have received a lot of praise about their website and that all of the work we did together was really starting to pay, including a potentially massive donation from a cold supporter ?? After this, a trip across London to meet with a potential new contact looking for social media support. Then, back across London and in to the City to knuckle down on my proposal and be close to the final venue of my day, an end of Summer party in Leadenhall Market (thanks for the invite Nathan ?).

Friday was a little slower. I often find after a day of meetings, great news and new opportunities I need to take some time to reflect and focus on me. It was not long ago that I decided to become freelance so that I could do just that, have guilt free mental health days. Today, I took my lovely dog, Dash on a very long woodland walk then for some play a friendly Beagle. I did get some work done, mostly research, and then closed off the day with a long pause and some mindfulness. It is so important for all of us to be more aware of ourselves, and not let negetive thoughts and emotions take over. How do you take some time for you? Do you even manage to?