#WeekNotes 15 & 21 Oct 2019

The episode of #WeekNotes will cover two weeks, from 15 Oct to 25 Oct. The main reason for this? Well, over this time I have been working on big chunks that don’t really allow for much to be shared as #WeekNotes.

Completing the website restructure for the visual impairment charity

The first major project that was closed off this week was the website restructure for the visual impairment charity. This project has been really very interesting to work on and I’m very pleased to say that it won’t be the end. It has been decided that rather than build a new website in 2020 the charity will work on small iterative improvements to their current site from now, until the end of next year.

This is not something I would usually suggest, however it seems the right approach here as it allows all of us to focus on and prioritise what’s necessary for the website. As well as this it gives greater scope to train and support the charity to grow their digital awareness.

A cheeky response on twitter landed me a gig

One of my Twitter contacts was looking for some Project Managements support and asked if anyone knew anyone… My response?

Me? I’ll send you an email…

Well, sometimes it really does pay off to be a little cheeky and I started working on the project the following Tuesday ? I really wouldn’t have dared respond like that last year, let alone a few months ago… More to vague information about this to follow I’m sure.