#WeekNotes 12 August 2019

This week got off to a slow start. After taking last week as a ‘me week’ I wanted to really take off first thing Monday morning, but alas my wonderful puppy had other ideas, keeping me up all of Sunday with a really poorly tummy. So, Monday was mostly spent chilling out and making some silly ‘artworks’ on my phone.

Tuesday was more productive ?? August is always a little quiet on the freelance front so I tend to spend time looking for new opportunities, projects to get stuck into and how I can fill my diary for the coming months. And, wow what opportunity there is out there. As always, I won’t tell you what I’ve applied for (don’t want to jinx the applications) but boy! am I excited about them ??

For some time I’ve been thinking about and plodding along with a few changes and upgrades to my website. I wanted to simplify things, lay out what I do and show a more personal side. Before the site although working seemed a little ‘arms length’ I’m now pleased to say that (I hope) I’ve achieve this – please let me know your thoughts, feedback is so important ?

The rest of the week was spent mostly planning at the whiteboard and thinking about the next steps I can take to secure my place as a freelancer in the Third Sector. I began this journey to:

  • have more control over the projects I worked on and how they developed
  • truly test my knowledge, skills, and expertise
  • give me an improved and controllable work life balance

Now I’m on this journey and have proven that it is allowing me to do those two key needs I had at the start of the year, I’ve been taking this quieter time to focus on how I can maintain a good flow of projects and sustain the balance that I sought for.

In the spirit of work life balance, I’m off to see some friends in Germany next week. I’m looking forward to the down time and opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved in the last 7 months.

Bis zu meiner Ruckhehr, Auf Weidesein!