#WeekNotes 11 & 18 November

Sometimes, although lots happens a week, I can’t really share it. It’s at these times when I tend to join my WeekNotes together in an attempt to make them a more interesting read. The last two weeks have mostly been proposal writing, cleaning / reviewing my own processes, and chasing a few bits.

Proposal writing

I love drafting proposals, especially for projects that have the potential to make a huge impact to the way in which a charity uses their digital platforms. Over the last few weeks I have been writing proposals to help charities think again about digital. From a fairly complex use of social media through team members dispersed across the country, to a project that will look at how engagement on social media can be converted to political action ?

Some of theses projects will come with their own questions if won. Like, can workshop breakout sessions be run remotely? Right now, I’m not sure they can ?

Cleaning / reviewing my own processes

A few weeks ago I set about on my own digital health check to map the platforms I was using for email, hosting my website and a few other bits. Now, with the addition of a new CRM I’m pretty confident the the foundations a fairly solid for me here, and should be sustainable should I want to grow out beyond just me…

Chasing a few bits

As ever, running your own business / freelance life requires you to be on top of pretty much everything and wearing more hats than in any previous role. From chasing payments to confirming work, and not to mention making sure that all the work you are doing is to the highest quality possible.