Early in 2020 I began a project with Music in Hospitals and Care to develop a new strategic framework for their social media activity. The framework was to highlight the core objectives of the charity’s social media activity and enable the whole team to have some involvement with the management of the accounts. In addition, the charity had a number of legacy accounts that needed some decisions to be made.


This project began as you would expect, with an audit of recent content and the results of this for the charity. What was engagement like? What made a ‘good’ post? What had been working well? What might be improved? What are competitors doing differently?


The development of the new strategic framework hung off two workshops, the first to develop new ideas, review successes and agree improvements to be made, discover the motivations for the charity in terms of their social media presence. The second workshop focussed on management; what should the team do in certain scenarios? How would the framework be used moving forward? What should be done with the legacy accounts?

What was delivered?

The project delivered a detailed report following the audit to give the team a base of understanding around what worked well for their audience. In addition to this an easy to use, framework was developed for the team including a governance structure and links to other communications strategies across the organisation.