For this short project for Big Society Capital I was approached to set up the foundations to help them make data driven improvement decisions. The organisations had recently developed a new website and wanted to use data to strategically improve the SEO and user experience of their new site.

To do this I worked with the team to outline their measuring strategy, what outcomes had they hoped for at the development stage? What assumptions had they made? Were these proving to be true?

Following the development of the measurement strategy I set up a new view in their google analytics accompanied with come complex tracking of contact actions and report downloads.

The data needed to be accessible for all of the team members, giving an overview of activity to the senior leadership team as well as deeper analysis for those responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the website. To achieve this balance I created a usable Data Studio report that linked to further data within google analytics.

Screenshot of data report

From this the team will be better able to devise tests for improvement and have a rounded view of the health of their website.