I was approached by a leukaemia research charity to help improve conversions on their website as well as to fix a few SEO issues they were having. The project began with gaining an understanding of their current situation and posed some questions…  How many users were going to their website? How long were they staying? What were they doing? Why did they visit? Data from Google Analytics suggested that many users were landing on the research section of the website this is where we decided to start.  

The key aim of this project was to design user journeys across the site that delivered what the user needed and offered a few nudges to help encourage donations and fundraising activity. 

The section of first focus, the research Section, was aimed predominantly at the research community with lots of siloed journeys to apply for grants and sporadic information about the research projects funded. Following initial user surveys it became obvious that 65% of traffic to this section was not from the research community but of people looking to know more about the charity’s work. From this information we designed new journeys within the section, some for researchers to improve their experience of applying for grant funding and a second to give more detailed information about the research projects and encourage donations.

These journeys were then built in a staging area and tested with current donors and researchers to confirm our assumptions that donors would like to know more about how their money was being spent and that there were some improvements to be made in the application process for researchers. ​

After this, we moved our attention to other sections of the website, building out an information portal and adding new functionality to improve the experience for new fundraisers.