I was approached by a visual impairment charity to help them improve their website. The website had been developed some years ago and through a combination of low digital skills in the team, reduced support from the developers and no clear strategy the website had become burdened with page duplications, and low use of built in functionality. Following the initial call with the client it was clear that my usual approach would not be enough, there would be some work to do to get things back to scratch. 

From the start of this project, I knew that there would be a lot of foundational work to be done. At a glance I could see that there was little structure to the site, and that this had been negatively effecting the charity’s search ranking. But, to see such a low desktop site speed score, I have to admit did send a few shivers down my spine. From image sizing to general mainatance there was some work to be done. 


To make the most impact I began with optimising images, some were so large (up to 10MB) that I knew a major change would take place once this had been done. Afterwards I focused on a few more technical bits, adding in cache functionality and updating themes and plugins. From here we were able to start planning a second project to restructure and retemplate the website. The ambition of that project? To make iterative improvements now and reduce the need for a full redevelompent in the near future.