Twitter, the new character limit rules and what I love most about them.

Finally! After quite a while Twitter have now gone live with their promised changes. But, what does it mean for you?

Before yesterday, many of us struggled to draft Tweets that made sense, had an image, mentioned an account or two and gave the reader a link. Now things have changed and our lives should become a whole lot easier! 

Now, we can add a link, an image, gif, video, or poll plus a mention or two and not affect our character limit. 

But, it’s so much more than just longer tweets, this blog from Buffer explains in more detail but here are a few features I’m super excited about. 

1. Farewell to .@

In a way I will be sad to see this go. For those who don’t know, we all used to have to add a character, most would use a full stop, at the start of our tweets if we went straight in with a mention. We did this so that our tweet would show to the whole community and not just within the shared followers that you and the mentioned account had. 

2.Quote Tweet yourself! 

This is a great new feature. Allowing you to now add weight to your own message. For example, on my account I might tweet about this blog post. I can then quote re-tweet that post with information about my next workshop. In this example I will be showing my expertise and then telling you how you can join me to get the skills yourself. 

Oh but there’s so much more to get your teeth into. My advice, go and have a play and enjoy your new found character freedom!