The importance of joining the conversation.

The clue is in the name – it’s called social media. So, if you want to succeed it’s time to join the conversation.

 Don’t be scared to start a conversation

In the real world, what do you to when you meet someone new? You say hello, and try to work out your common interests – you can and should do exactly the same through social media. Try to stop thinking about the differences between the online and offline ‘worlds’ the rules are fairly similar, be polite, approachable and most importantly show your passion for what you do. 

 Try to ask your ‘fans’ a question…something that relates to what your business. For example, I might ask; “Have you recently joined Instagram? What is your favourite filter?” By asking this question, I am looking to start a conversation with my followers, they will be able to learn something about Instagram and I will learn a bit more about their interests.


On Twitter you can really get involved in conversations about your industry – this is a great way to help prove your expertise among your peers. I really enjoy taking part in a tweet chat or two and try to get involved at least once a month in one.


With over 1.79 billion users in 2016 [] Facebook must have a community in your industry and in your area that you can join and start to build relationships on. To find them you need to go to the search bar within Facebook and start typing in your interests, once you click enter you should click on the ‘groups’ section and join a few. Be aware that some groups are more conversational than others. 


Through the explore feature and hashtags on this platform you can start to find other businesses and people that have similar interests to you – that fit within your ‘niche’. Start to use the comment function to start a conversation with accounts that you like (keeping your business aims not just your preferences in mind). You can also use the direct message function to talk to a bigger group of people and their profiles. 

Joining the conversation is so important – it helps you be seen, be heard and prove your expertise.