Remembering individuality – an important social media lesson.

I have just started working with a client who has a reasonable set up on Instagram and recently created a Facebook page. For them, the importance of the individual – in this case I am talking about the various platforms we inhabit – is so important. 

Gone are the days when your audience is happy to see the same post, displayed in the same way across all of your platforms. Each platform have their different unwritten rules that you really should pay attention to. 

Here are a few of those rules that might help you when your planning content in the future. 


  • Engagement is key – because of the algorithm focusing on showing news from family and friends it has become harder and harder to be seen. Try to get some of your biggest fans – these might even be your family and friends to regularly engage with your posts and share what your saying with their network. Get them to be the pebble that create the ripple. 
  • Unlike Instagram and Twitter, hashtags don’t lead to increased engagement so don’t fill your post with #awesome #product #industrykeyword 
  • Make sure your message or status is something that your audience relates to, or at least makes sense to you reader.


  • Tweet and repeat – the accounts that get the most traction are the ones that regularly use the same key messages. It’s important to remember that you can repeat yourself to much so makes sure you spread out your messages and build a catalogue of tweets you’ll regularly share. 
  • Twitter is a great place to connect, so why aren’t you? 
  • Use the brevity of a tweet to your advantage. You can’t say much in those 142 characters so make sure it gives value to both you (your brand) and your audience. 


  •  The hashtag is king. But, make sure that the hashtags you’re using are relevant to your audience. There is no point in using a popular hashtag such as #dachshundsofinstagram if you, your business and the image has nothing to do with dachshunds. 
  • Great quality images really are key, no one will like or comment on a picture that is fuzzy or dull so make sure your pictures are taken as professionally they can be. 
  • Accounts that post more regularly and at the same time each day are more likely to increase their reach and engagement. 
  • Don’t expect people to engage with your account if your not engaging with others. Just like in the pub, if you’re the person who never gets the round you shouldn’t expect that others will include you. 

This great image that has been zooming round the world wide web for years gives you a really good idea about the different uses of social media, and how you should be using them.