Maintaining publishing frequency over the Holiday Season.

At this point in the festive season we are all looking forward to time spent with family and friends surrounded by flickering fairy lights and mulled wine. But, one thing we small business owners must work out is, if and how, we maintain our presence online over the holiday period.

Should you maintain your publishing rate?

The simple answer is yes, and here’s why…

One of the keys to successful online presence, is consistency. Being consistent allows your customers and followers to expect to hear from you, and even look forward to it.

When, working for a large UK charity, we made the decision to only post during office hours. This made sure that our followers knew that when the organisation had posted, someone would be there to answer any questions they might have. Our regularity gave peace of mind and increased sentiment on all of their social media channels.

Remember…we humans constantly seek comfort, and often find it in regularity.

How can I maintain regularity and still enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends?

I often find myself repeating the same pieces of advice, but this piece I think might just be the most important…

Organisation and planning in advance will help your online marketing plan thrive. It is the same across the Christmas period, you don’t need to work across the holidays to churn out the good quality content your followers are used to! With some careful planning and working ahead you can create your content in advance and schedule it to be released while you’re enjoying a well-deserved break.

One thing I would advise is checking up on the channels you’re posting on once a day to make sure that you are responding to comments and questions to help maintain your engagement.

So, get generating your holiday content while we’re all still in work mode and have a very Merry Christmas everyone!