Do you loose sleep over the Facebook Algorithm?

If you’re like most people that run a Facebook Page – whether it’s for a business or not – you may have lost some sleep in the last year or so about the algorithm. Well, I may have the answer for you. A way to help you sleep and dream about your thriving page rather than being worried about hitting those targets.

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

Before I begin to explain how you might be able to solve your algorithm issues, I must first explain what the algorithm is. Any algorithm simply put is a set of maths functions that are fed into a computer system to help it make decisions. In this instance the algorithm helps Facebook decide what shows up in your newsfeed – based on engagement, relevance and whether people are generally interested in what you have to say.

Time to focus on building that community – but why?

First things first, without a community of loyal followers to your Page or even your website, what do you actually have? Just a space on the internet right? A URL that has an address and holds some stuff that you think is interesting.

Looking back – and I mean way back before most of us had heard of content marketing, the blog was where your community was. You saw them in the comments section and if you were lucky connections started to build. As we moved from the early days of the blog, platforms like Facebook and Twitter dispearsed the community. They took root in different ways. The first thing that you must do when you finished reading this is look at all of your platforms to see where your community is. And by this I mean where you and your business get the most engagement and where conversations about what you do happen.

Why am I mainly focusing on Facebook in this article?

To refer you back to the algorithm – Facebook chooses to show your followers what they are interested in, meaning what they engage with the most. So by taking time to work out what gets good engagement – and in turn builds a community around your business – you will start to improve your reach.

In a recent podcast about this subject Holly Homer of Quirky Momma put it simply – “If the orange bar is big – try to do it again’ If the orange bar is short – don’t”

Here she was calling for all of us who have and manage Facebook Pages to delve more deeply into our insights, and in particular the reach of our posts.

The orange line she referred to in the podcast shows the reach of each of your posts. In the image above you can see that my recent experiment into Facebook Live has dramatically increased the reach of my posts – in both instances the reach has exceeded that of my page. The lesson here? Do more Facebook Live.

By looking at what your following – or community – are engaging with you will be able to adapt the way that you share on your Facebook Page. Doing more of what works and cutting out the bad.

Will you be looking more at your insights to build a community around your business? What other tactics might you use?